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Web design is a creative process that traditionally involved having to know knowledge of code such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Over the years the industry has changed and the no-code movement has exploded with the introduction of a wide variety of different technologies that facilitate fast and scalable web design. 

WordPress and Webflow Websites

We have a preference for designing our websites in either WordPress or Webflow. When we make use of WordPress we are able to build amazing e-commerce websites and we find the WordPress CMS or content management system to be well suited towards large site builds. Our preferred page builder in WordPress is Elementor but we do sometimes use the standard Gutenberg WordPress page editor when speed is a priority.

Webflow is another amazing tool that we use to custom design our client’s websites. One thing is for sure in that you can find many head-to-head comparisons between WordPress and Webflow. We like to think of Webflow as being a bit more suited for those customers who are heavily design orientated. Webflow also offers amazing interactions and animations and is a really great platform for those looking for something a bit different from WordPress. Webflow websites also have a slight performance advantage due to the code being a bit less bloated than that of WordPress.

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Mobile responsive Web design

Mobile responsive websites are a must-have in the year 2021 and going forward. Google has adopted mobile-first indexing which means that when ranking your website Google will first run through your website with its mobile bot. In short, it is critical that your website is mobile responsive as a larger portion of your website traffic has now been shown to originate from mobile users than that of the traditional desktop.

Many factors go into the responsive indexing factor (RIF). These include; page speed, how fast your site loads on a mobile device, responsive websites tend to load much quicker than other types of websites. Another factor that Google takes into account is the design and layout of your responsive website because if it doesn’t display correctly or doesn’t resize accordingly, it could be knocked down in google ranks for this reason alone.

IMG develops mobile-optimized websites that will look good on all devices. This is of extreme importance to us.

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Let us build your website using your favorite platform

Every opportuntity for us to develop a website whether it be WordPress/ Webflow to full format e-commerce sites is an opportunity for us to push the bar of excellence even further. We are an SEO and Web design and development-focused company that has one goal are to satisfy our customers. 

When it comes to web design a solid foundation in coding principles is required to produce designs that are balanced yet still unique at the same time. We understand this and are able to custom code you a neat and responsive, clean and minimal website if required. As a web designer, we are also skilled in the latest programming languages such as HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, and Javascript. This helps us even when using page builders as we understand on a fundamental level what is going on under the hood. Understanding the inner workings of your website is essential to following best design practices.



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