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SEO agency Cape Town, South Africa. We deliver high performing SEO campaigns for our clients to help them achieve online results.

SEO Agency Cape Town

Putting you in the best digital position possible is our main or primary concern. Web design or a good looking website alone will not be enough for you to rank well in the search engines. Google and other popular search engines make use of highly complex algorithms or ranking factors. In fact Google has over 200 ranking factors that it takes into account when ranking the pages on your website.

SEO should be a concept that is understood by the customer through the use of transparent SEO reporting which is something we are very big on. Getting to the front of Google for a highly competitive keyword is no small order. We know just how much work is required in order to achieve this. For this reason SEO is largely quite a labor intensive process that requires discipline and consistency as well as a high degree of creativity. Our Approach to SEO will empower your business through a more powerful online presence. You will also reap the benefits of more targeted and relevant traffic .

The SEO game is not for the feint of heart as it requires confidence and structural proof from your chosen professional agency that they have been able to get you results. We have a results orientated approach. IMG Digital has ranked major websites in big industries for numerous keywords. We look forward to continued success as this is our passion – We love to see others grow.

seo services cape town south africa
We offer search engine optimisation to a few number of customer. We are not nor do we want to become a generic agency.

SEO Company Cape Town

Our focused and individual approach towards SEO and the clients we work with ensures that each client that we take on will receive an outstanding level of detail. I have seen the level of SEO being offered and the price points. IMG will offer you a completely understandable cost effective strategy. We will only take on clients we feel that we are able to help. Our agency is a small collective of passionate individuals. We offer full house SEO services and we can assist with practically any matter thatyou may require assistance for online.

We are determined to achieve results for our clients and this really is our primary motivating factor. Trust me when I say if your business is not getting the results it shouldbe then I am not sleeping at night. This is not some pass it to the intern agency. We are based in Claremont, Cape Town, South Africa. We work with brands that are interested in there strategic online growth and as such value the power of being found and recognized online.

IMG recognises SEO as being amedium to long term strategy. Please note we are also digital marketing experts and can facilitate short term results by creating highly targeted digital adverts and using cutting edge technology to help us to so. Working with IMG Digital as your internet marketing consultant and agency will give you peace of mind that your business and its digital presence are being managed by professionals who are deeply interested in your success.