About IMG Digital

Our mission is too empower businesses to reach their full potential

Our story

IMG Digital is an agency that has adopted a more realistic model towards helping people in the digital realm. Our primary objective has always been to see others succeed, and we believe that assisting others in achieving results that, in turn, will result in your growth. IMG was not founded on a big budget. There was hardly any money for basics when I first formulated the business idea after covid struck. However, the world had changed, and I made a call to get into SEO as I had been involved with SEO in some format since 2007 when I started building my first HTML website.

IMG as an agency came into conceptualization along the path that I undertook to learn the various principles of SEO and digital marketing. I met like-minded free-lancers with pure intentions and thus formed IMG. We are not an agency with massive office space. This is a group of friends who are highly skilled in SEO and will perform any given SEO task should I need their assistance, and trust me, these guys are really good.

My name is Dino de Wet, and I primarily oversee clients and handle all SEO-related activity. I have a policy that I like to keep a hands-on approach as I have built this business from nothing to a point where we are a small boutique agency that provides results because I work directly with my clients no matter the organization’s size. I provide expert advice, and I am well qualified with qualifications, certificates, and relevant industry-related requirements to act as a professional SEO.
Currently, we are not looking to grow to an unmanageable level. We provide results through powerful SEO and awesome web design. Suppose you would like to find out any further information please do not hesitate to contact us. We keep our pricing extremely affordable and will deliver great results in a highly competitive market.