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Internet marketing done right. We use cutting edge web design , internet marketing strategies including SEO to drive business results through the roof.

My name is Dino and I have been involved with running businesses in numerous industries since 2005. During this time I aquired a great deal of knowledge and connections within the custom coding realm and that included SEO and digital marketing. 

IMG was built out of a desire to help customers at any time of the day or night. We are a 24/ 7 agency which means that you can get hold of us at any time 7 days a week to discuss your campaign. Furthermore, we offer the world’s best Javascript developers to our Cape Town Clients as well as our international language.

seo cape town and web design

Discover more about how we can help your business

We help your business grow online and increase sales. Our role is to facilitate the growth of your business through digital strategies and techniques such as SEO and other digital marketing and web design tactics.

We feel that in 2021 it is essential for any business serious about its future to have a digital strategy in place. IMG is a dedicated and fully professional agency dedicated to delivering results for every single one of our clients.

Web development services Cape Town / StELLENBOSCH

Our web design and development has on offer some of the best technologies available for you as our client to choose from.  Think about the likes of brands such as 

  • WordPress
  • Shopify
  • Wix / Editor X
  • Webflow

We also provide custom-coded solutions in Cape Town and throughout the rest of Africa. Our affordable pricing and excellent knowledge in the web design and development process ensure that you will have a website that you can be truly proud of.



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web design adn seo cape town

Cape Town Jamstack agency.

 We build Jamstack websites which have set the industry alight with the following awesome benefits.

  • Faster performance
  • More secure
  • Better developer experience
  • Scalability

We can assist you by helping you discover the latest web application technology. Jamstack is not actually about a specific technology but rather refers to a modern web architecture.  Our modern web tools include

  • Headless CMS
  • Hosting and cloud platforms
  • Static site generators

We also design and offer custom development in WordPress, Shopify , Editor-x and Webflow. We can advise you on the best system to run for your website or progressive web application.

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Generate more sales. Generate more revenue through Google traffic.

SEO is a great investment for most brands who wish to attain a respected Google ranking for certain keywords. When implemented correctly your business will see a favorable ROI and increased website traffic.

I provide SEO consultancy, e-commerce SEO, on-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and SEO content writing services that help get businesses to increase traffic and sales.

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seo digital marketing cape town

Maximise your Sales  Profits online visibility traffic

Internet marketing consultant Cape Town.
We assist businesses with online growth

In 2021 it is no longer possible to simply offer a generic digital marketing strategy. Many people have great ideas but fail to launch a succesfull digital strategy. The digital marketing and SEO industry is saturated with competition so what sets us apart?

Generic SEO and digital marketing is a saturated market. In order to give IMG a point of difference we analysed many of the top agencies from around the world.

With a clear and precise understanding of what seperates top performing digital marketing agencies from the rest of the crowd we developed IMG.

We will only take on a customer if we are 100 percent certain we are able to add value and meet or exceed customer excpectations.

We are a 24/7  agency . This is not a business it’s a lifestyle and this drives us in creating your brands digital presence.

We use SEO as a foundational strategy as we have seen the massive benefits SEO can offer.

We have taken into account market prices and can assure our clients we will provide exceptional value for money through dedicated and loyal service and an ongoing, unlimited process of helping your brand evolve in strength and design.

IMG is capable of assisting small to large businesses with search engine optimisation, digital marketing and web design.

IMG takes a dynamic approach towards your brand and the message it conveys. Does your brand have a clear message? We dont sell generic SEO that looks terrible and provides a sub-standard reading experience often seen when content is over-optimised.

Flexible and consistent in our approach we can help you achieve serious results and a great look and feel. 

We offer a free SEO consultation online so please contact us if interested.

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So what seperates you from your competitors?

What makes you a brand that will survive the new age of digital transformation?

Do not let your brand have a weak online presence. This can hurt you in the long term.

web development cape town
web design cape town

We build websites that are optimised for SEO to perform better in search engines.

Our websites are built with SEO as a foundation. This means that you will receive an optimised website from the start. Its included in all our website packages as we love to offer exceptional value to our clients.

Think of it this way: Every other web designer on the market will supply you with a website that is not optimized. IMG is different. We supply SEO web design and SEO websites built from the start with SEO in mind. Your website will be built according to technical SEO best practices, on-page optimization for your keywords and all meta tags and title tags and image alt tags will be optimized.  We will make sure that your images are further optimized in terms of theior size to reduce the web pages weight.  Whether you are looking for an e-commerce solution or a normal website we can assist you in getting a great looking SEO optimized website.

We offer WordPress, Webflow, and Shopify websites. These brands all represent powerful platforms that can create that exact look and feel for your brand that you require.  We provide full training and support for your web design project. Your website will bring out the best of your brand and ensure you are looking a cut above the rest of the competition.

Crafting responsive mobile optimised websites.
bring out your brands true identity
Create a great user experience and modern web design.

seo consultant cape town

Internet marketing consultants digital marketing Search engine optimisation (SEO) SEO web design


E-commerce SEO is a specialised branch of search engine optimisation that assists your online business by making sure your products can be found online.  For your e-commerce store to thrive you need customers but getting customers can be expensive. IMG will assist your e-commerce websites visibility and performance.


If you run a local business that relies on customers from local areas then local SEO is a strategy that can get you more local traffic. 

Improve your company’s local SEO rankings with Google My Business (GMB) optimization and attract high-intent customers. 

We specialise in local SEO optimisation for our clients.

  • Dedicated account  manager for all your projects
  • We offer free website audits and digital marketing consultations.
  • Easy to deal with and proficient in helping you understand your online results.
  • Qualified content writers are available to write SEO content
  • Precise and clear reporting on all matters relating to your digital campaign
  • SEO Specialists. We handle all types of SEO including on-page, off-page (link building), technical SEO, and content SEO services.
  • Moderna and to the point web design using the world’s most powerful platforms such as WordPress and Webflow for enhanced user experience.
  • IMG is a results-driven agency. If we cannot help you we won’t take your money. 
Digital marketing and SEO Cape Town
seo cape town and web design

Let us help you build your digital presence

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